Boris Johnson is wrong, The EU is a driving force for LGBTI rights at home and abroad

March 24, 2016
Boris Johnson recorded a video message for the Out and Proud launch event in London last night, telling gay people in Britain to vote to leave the European Union as LGBTI rights are under threat in other countries.
In response to Boris Johnson's misguided comments, Seb Dance, Labour's Member of the European Parliament for London, said:
"While the European Union was legislating to end discrimination in the workplace, Boris Johnson wrote that same-sex marriage could mean a union between 'three men and a dog'. 
While the European Union was working to extend LGBTI around the world, Boris Johnson talked up the merits of Clause 28 and its ability to stop 'leftwing local authorities to waste taxpayers' money on idiotic and homosexual instruction'.
This transparent stunt should be treated with contempt. The EU is a driving force for LGBTI rights at home and abroad. Leaving would put UK rights at risk and diminish our ability to fight discrimination around the world."
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