Human Acitivity is Responsible for Climate Change: Countdown to COP 20 in Lima

November 26, 2014

In advance of the UN Climate Change Conference in Lima, I spoke about the growing consensus that human activity is responsible for climate change. Here’s a video and the full contents of my speech:

Mr President, slowly but surely we are seeing a consensus emerging in the world that human activity is responsible for climate change, in spite of some of the oddball conspiracy theories we have heard this morning. If the EU is to demonstrate what it does at its most effective, which is working together with cross-linkages and having different countries work together for their common interest, then it must do all it can do combine different areas of policy. That includes when we work on air quality, linking that to climate policy and linking development policy very clearly to climate policy as well.

We know that the effects of climate change will have a disproportionate effect on developing countries, because their infrastructures are far less able to cope with its effects. Therefore, I welcome the money that the Commission has announced that it will be supporting at Lima. We must have a deal in Paris that provides support for developing countries for sustainable growth so that new areas of economic growth are not dependent on mechanisms that degrade the environment.

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