European Parliament accepts Dance Report on Sustainability

July 06, 2017

The European Parliament has today voted to accept the Environment Committee’s report on EU action for sustainability, which Seb Dance MEP authored.


Each individual member state and the EU itself are signatories to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), seventeen goals which aim to improve the health, wellbeing and prosperity of current and future generations.


The Dance Report calls on the European Commission and all member states to take action to make progress on each of the individual goals to ensure the EU plays its full part in working to secure the future of the planet.


This involves steps to promote sustainable economic growth and a just transition towards decent, green jobs; further action on climate change and to protect public health; and a focus on ensuring financial sustainability, with a transition away from investment in fossil-based industries.


Seb Dance, Labour Member of the European Parliament for London, said;


"I am delighted that the European Parliament has voted in support of this report. The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are essential to ensuring greater wellbeing and prosperity for citizens of the EU and the rest of the world, and to taking action to prevent climate change.


“The European Commission’s report last year ‘Next steps for a sustainable European future,’[1] didn't go anywhere near far enough;   much more needs to be done so that every level of the EU’s work delivers on the SDGs. My hope is that this report will provide the Commission and Parliament with the tools they need to achieve that going forward.


“It is now over to the Commission to ensure that the SDGs are at the heart of everything the EU does in future.”










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