Signing Written Declaration (006/2016) on the reduction of microplastic pollution

May 03, 2016

Over the last week, many constituents have been getting in touch regarding the Written Declaration (006/2016) on the reduction of microplastic pollution.

Marine litter is a huge problem worldwide and there is growing scientific evidence linking them to the passage of deadly, persistent chemicals through the environment, such as the pesticide DDT and toxic PCBs, making them more concentrated when they come into contact with marine life.

Given the transboundary nature of water pollution, it is vital that action is taken at European level to ensure products containing plastic microbeads are phased out as soon as possible. For this reason I am pleased to say that I signed the Written Declaration (006/2016) calling on the European Commission to address the issue of plastic microbeads in personal care products, in line with the EU's role in protecting the environment.

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