PRESS: UK criticised in European Commission report on the State of the Energy Union

November 18, 2015

Joint statement by Seb Dance MEP and Theresa Griffin MEP


Today, the European Commission presented its first 'State of the Energy Union' report, criticising the UK government for falling behind other EU states on renewable energy, energy efficiency savings and electricity infrastructure.

Specifically, the UK is failing to hit a 2013 interim target for renewable energy and is in serious danger of failing to meet binding 2020 targets. The report claims that the United Kingdom "needs to assess whether their policies and tools are sufficient and effective in meeting their renewable energy objectives."

The report also highlighted the UK’s need to further decrease energy consumption, and highlighted how it is falling behind other EU states in regard to electricity infrastructure, which would lead to lower energy bills and greater security.

However, with world leaders heading to Paris in a couple of days, the Commission’s doubts over the ability of the UK to meet renewable energy targets will embarrass the UK government, which has come under increasing pressure after research showed it gives the fossil-fuel industry almost £6bn a year in subsidies, almost twice the financial support for renewable energy providers.

Speaking today, Labour’s European Environment Spokesperson, Seb Dance MEP, who is also a member of the European Parliament’s delegation to Paris, said:

“The costs of an over-reliance on fossil fuels  are unsustainable, yet the government has not grasped this reality and has consistently fail